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Keeping Good Employees

Good employees are typically "engaged" employees. Engaged employees have positive attitudes, look for better ways to do their work, respect their co-workers, are willing to go the extra mile and are interested in keeping up-to-date in their field of expertise. Employees who are not engaged can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. You can keep employees engaged with programs that emphasize learning, advancement, work-life balance, decision making, teamwork and participation.

First: Assess

Check your employees' level of engagement using this list of indicators.

(Adapted from Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada's "Increasing the Talent," with permission.)

Action Steps

Use this list of suggestions to build a creative rewards program. Conduct "stay interviews" – regular one-on-one meetings with employees to understand how they are feeling about work, what would make their workplace experience better, etc.