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Recruitment and Retention Tools and Resources Model

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council developed the recruitment and retention tools and resources model to look at attraction, retention and workforce development from a number of perspectives – those of employees, employers and communities – and show how all the factors involved in finding, keeping and developing workers are interconnected. With its big-picture view and emphasis on interconnectivity, collaboration and the petroleum sector, the model may seem complex at first, and not specific to supply chain, but it is a very good illustration of applying a strategy to a given industry. You may wish to visit the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada (PHRCC) interactive site at to see its application. Content in the Supply Chain Recruitment and Retention Toolkit relies heavily on its model. Feel free to use both as resources.

The PHRCC website breaks the model into bite-sized pieces to help you understand how the model works and how it can help you increase the talent in a petroleum- or natural-gas-related organization. Click on each of the sections of the recruitment and retention tools and resources model to find out what they mean and how they relate to the other areas.

  1. Labour Pool
  2. Key Career Decision Points
  3. Company Recruitment and Branding
  4. Industry Attractiveness