The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council would like to credit the Sector Council Program's commitment to sharing resources. This philosophy promotes good value for dollars spent on development, allows precious human resources to be shared, and brings forth the "best of breed" products and processes. In particular, we would like to offer special thanks to the Canadian Grocery HR Council for assistance in providing resources and guidance, and to the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada for allowing us to adapt its "Increasing the Talent" toolkit.

Our special thanks go out to members of our Board of Directors and, in particular, to the members of the Recruitment and Retention Project Working Group. We also owe a debt of gratitude to all participants in the development process that took place through winter of 2009 and spring of 2010, most notably those who worked with the staff and consultant team in Calgary, Halifax and Montreal.

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council's role is to strengthen the sector's national competitiveness in the supply chain, and to develop professionally qualified senior management, tactical, and support professionals. Based on thorough research including a full sector study in 2005, CSCSC has developed a number of programs and strategies in concert with the supply chain sector. The CSCSC Recruitment and Retention Project, and this toolkit, are a direct response to this process, and answer a demonstrated need by employers across the supply chain to develop tools for attraction, recruitment, retention, and engagement.

We would also like to thank Tracey Jennix, Workforce Consultant, Viable Calgary, a Prospect Project.

Recruitment and Retention Project Working Group


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