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June 27, 2013

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Council News

Council Wins Partnership Excellence Award
On June 26, Community MicroSkills Development Centre honoured the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council with its Partnership Excellence Award in recognition of the Council's "ongoing contribution to facilitating meaningful participation of internationally trained and unemployed individuals in the labour force," through a partnership with MicroSkills.
Hazel Webb, MicroSkills' Director, Community Programs and Services, says that the Council has been "a committed and dedicated partner" since 2008. The Council, she notes, has "worked closely with us as a member of our program advisory committee, supported our program and participants by providing insights into supply chain trends and sector awareness, and assisted with program planning, delivery and evaluation." She congratulates the CSCSC, "for demonstrating excellence in partnership towards improving the skills and opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the supply chain sector."
Don Borsk, Past Chairman of the Council, accepted the award at MicroSkills' AGM.

Changes to Council's Membership By-Laws
In response to requirements of the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, the Council has made revisions to its by-laws related to membership. The Council now has just one class of member, comprising individuals involved in the supply chain in Canada (or for Canadian companies) and committed to the Council's work.
Members of the Council are individuals with an interest in human-resources issues in Canada’s supply chain sector. As members, they are required to vote at members’ meetings and are eligible to serve on the Council’s Board of Directors.
A candidate for membership is involved in the supply chain in one of the following ways. As:
  • A supply chain practitioner or employee of a supply chain company, working for a Canadian or Canada-based organization
  • An academic
  • A student
  • A government employee
  • A career counsellor
  • An employee of a supply chain-related association or similar organization

Note: Anyone with an interest in the Council's work can receive its newsletters and benefit from its products and programs. Membership confers no additional benefits. Rather, it demands that you take a role in Council activities, meetings and votes. It provides an opportunity to get involved in decision-making at members' meetings related to projects and programs. Members are also eligible to join the Board of Directors to increase their decision-making impact.

After its recent AGM, the Council reduced the number of its members, retaining only individuals active in its work. If you don't know whether or not you're a member, contact to find out.

Performance Measures of Success

By Chris Irwin, MBA
There is a lifecycle to the words that we use to talk about business performance. Overuse flattens the impact of what were once meaningful contributions to the English language. Some casualties may include “value added,” “synergy” and “change management,” but my favourite on this list is “collaboration.” Part of the fatigue with “collaboration” may come from the inherent tension between nurturing relationships and delivering results. So without using that word, how can we get along with each other AND get things done?
Let’s look at the some of the possibilities.
Potential Solution
Reasoned Rationale
Predictable Problem
Build trust
People will develop faith that a colleague is not just being objectionable; they are just doing their job.
What if these people are actually messing it up for the rest of us?
Better communication
This could build the trust that clears the air.
Again, what if the wrong people learn how to be persuasive?
Clear performance measures
Use the right measures.
Note: If you need to, go watch Moneyball. (Brad Pitt is great in it!)
But does a good 1st quarter necessarily mean a good 2nd one? A good year? Long-term performance?
Better hiring
If you have people who “get it,” then it becomes so much easier.
But don’t you need new perspectives?
Less competition
Some breathing room in the market would let us go back to being nice to each other.
Where are you going to find less competition these days?
We would suggest the following:
Potential Solution
Reasoned Rationale
Predictable Problem
Better alignment of tangible measures with overall objectives
Conflict arises only over how best to accomplish the shared goals and objectives, and we agree on the chosen measures.
It is a potentially messy proposition…

It’s not collaboration that is complicated; it’s aligning activity toward purpose. There can be very different perceptions and interpretations of “What are we trying to accomplish?” and “How will we know we are getting there?”
For example, imagine the senior executive who is convinced that success of the organization (or department) hinges on having everyone at their desk from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with a break for lunch of no more than 60 minutes. Can you also imagine the motivated (potentially younger) worker who feels they are more productive if they go to the gym before work or on an extended lunch hour, but is more than happy to catch up on work in the evenings and on weekends?
The messiness comes from revealing the limitations of some of our core beliefs (for example, does punctuality really indicate productivity?). If you can understand and question some of the relevant logical links, you can start to better align the important elements of performance. Decisions become clearer, and less time and energy are spent on trying to effect change.
We have developed a short diagnostic to gather some insights into how this is currently working for you. Link here to a questionnaire. This should take five or six minutes (more if you answer the optional question). If you are interested in being kept in our loop, please add your email address at the end. Look for updates at
Chris Irwin is a consultant with Measure of Success, a consultancy that helps collaboration by aligning measures with other elements of performance. He is on faculty at the Schulich School of Business. He also teaches in PMAC’s Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program. He can be reached through LinkedIn at

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Association News

Purchasing Management Association of Canada and Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada
At their respective AGMs on June 12, PMAC and SCL members voted to merge their associations. Together, they will become the Supply Chain Management Association as of September 3.

As an amalgamated entity, SCMA will deliver education and training in supply chain management, expand its focus on research and advocacy, host a national student case competition, stage an annual supply chain conference, and provide forums for industry networking. Through its 10 provincial and territorial Institutes, the organization will continue to grant the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation.

Coming Events

I.E.Canada, Boot Camp on Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation, July 9 and 10, Brampton, Ont.
Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association – Western Region, Golf Tournament and 65th Anniversary Celebration, July 11, Richmond, B.C.

I.E.Canada, Webinar: eManifest and ATD: Are You Ready?, July 18 and August 22
Terrapinn Holdings, Home Delivery World Canada, September 16 and 17, Toronto, Ont.

Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, eManifest Strategic Business Planning
September 18: Halifax
November 13: Toronto
November 21: Montreal

Port of Halifax, Port Days 2013, September 18 and 19, Halifax, N.S.

Edmonton International Airport and the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, Roads. Rails. Runways. 2013 Cargo Conference, September 25 and 26, Edmonton, Alta.
APICS The Association for Operations Management, 2013 International Conference & Expo, September 29 to October 1, Orlando, Florida

The Canadian Institute, Supply Chain Management Conference, October 2 to 4, Calgary, Alta.
Canadian Transportation & Logistics, Motortruck Fleet Executive, and Dan Goodwill & Associates, Surface Transportation Summit, October 16, Mississauga, Ont.

The Van Horne Institute and the School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Northern Transportation Conference 2013: Developing a Northern Transportation Policy, October 29 and 30, Yellowknife, NT
International Warehouse Logistics Association – Canadian Chapter, Mark the date: Fall Conference, November 13, Woodbridge, Ont.

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