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August 30, 2010

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Fall Focus Groups: Feedback Needed on New Occupational Standards
Through its Occupational Standards Phase II Project, the Council is developing 13 new occupational standards to complement the 20 written previously and complete the set of standards for all occupational classifications considered by the Council to comprise the supply chain. Drafts of nine of the 13 new standards are currently available on the Council's website.
Focus-group sessions will be held across Canada in the fall to allow for in-depth review of the standards to ensure their relevance to employees and employers. If you have experience in the supply chain sector in any of the activities listed below, we welcome, and need, your involvement in these events.
To register for one of the full-day sessions listed below or to get more information about participating, contact Dale Ross by email or at 905-897-6700 or 1-866-616-3468. Please be prepared to provide your name, title, company name, company address, telephone number and email address.

Transportation: Route & Crew Scheduler, Customs Broker, Postal & Courier Service Manager
Friday, September 17
Offices of CSA Standards, Mississauga, Ont., Conference Room #3
Purchasing: Procurement Officer, Retail & Wholesale Buyer, Strategic Sourcing, Demand Planning and Forecasting
Thursday, September 30
Offices of CSA Standards, Mississauga, Ont., Conference Room #3
Warehousing: Stock Clerk, Supervisor Mail and Message Distribution
Monday, October 18
Calgary (location TBD)
- and -
Offices of CSA Standards, Mississauga, Ont., Conference Room #3
Marketing & Sales: Customer Service Manager
- and -
Senior Management: Supply Chain Manager
Friday, October 29
Vancouver (location TBD)
- and -
Offices of CSA Standards, Mississauga, Ont., Conference Room #6
Logistics Information Systems: Computer & Information Systems Manager, Industrial Engineering Technician
Thursday, November 18
Montreal/Eastern Canada (location TBD)
- and -
Offices of CSA Standards, Mississauga, Ont., Conference Room #3

*For each city, a concurrent session (on the same date) will be held at CSA Standards, at 5060 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, Ont.

Additional Funds Available for Supply Chain Wage Subsidies
The Council recently received increased funding for its Career Focus wage-subsidy program. As a result, the Council will expand the program to help more employers hire new employees in supply chain positions.
Under the program, employers who meet the eligibility criteria established by the Government of Canada will receive a subsidy of up to one third of a new employee's total wages, to a maximum of $12,750 per employee. Employers are required to guarantee a minimum of four months employment for a new or recent graduate, who must work for at least 30 hours a week.
For more details on the Council’s Career Focus Program, visit

Online Education and Training Compendium Improved With Expanded Listings, Enhanced Searchability
The Council’s online compendium of supply chain-related offerings has recently been broadened to include material-handling courses and programs. These listings are an addition to the supply chain educational offerings already presented in the compendium.

This expansion of the compendium’s content is part of the Council’s current focus on material-handler skills upgrading, which has also resulted in the accreditation of material-handling training offerings through the National Accreditation Program. All accredited courses and programs are identified as such in the compendium.

The education and training compendium provides information to help people locate education and training providers across Canada that offer programming to suit their needs. Listings can be searched based on geographic, language and program-length preferences. They provide details such as pre-requisites and credentials earned, and include contact information and website links. The post-secondary institutions, training providers and associations whose offerings comprise the compendium maintain their own listings, which ensures their accuracy. Providers will be contacted annually to review their listings and update them as required.

With approximately 400 listings from 150 organizations, the compendium is a valuable tool for career planning. The compendium is useful for individuals interested in increasing their skills and knowledge and for HR professionals responsible for corporate education-and-training planning. Its user-friendly searchability and detailed content allow for easy comparison of supply chain offerings provided locally and across Canada.

News from the Pillar Associations

Second-Annual Freight Transportation Trends Survey
CITT and Cormark Securities have developed a survey to gauge freight transportation spending trends in Canada, as well as the current state of the freight markets. The survey was designed to judge the degree to which Canadian freight transportation spending practices are changing in response to the current recession. It can be completed in less than five minutes.
The survey closes on September 3. Results will be posted to both the CITT and Cormark Securities websites and published in a separate report. Access the survey.
Reposition 2010: Stepping Up – Next Level Leadership for Supply Chain Professionals
Learning sessions and networking opportunities at Reposition 2010, taking place in Vancouver from October 27 to 29, will provide your company with a solid return on their conference investment. (Over 84 per cent of attendees at Reposition 2009, for example, said the ideas, strategies and core messages learned at that conference could be readily integrated into their department or business.) Learn more.

Purchasing Management Association of Canada
New President Named
Cheryl Paradowski has joined PMAC as its new president and chief executive officer. In her role, Paradowski will provide leadership to the PMAC board of directors, work with provincial and territorial Institute partners and foster relationships with stakeholders both within Canada and internationally.
Paradowski joins the association after five years as executive director of the Canadian Grocery HR Council, formerly the Canadian Food Industry Council. She has an extensive background in not-for-profit management and vast knowledge of labour-market initiatives.
For Paradowski, the opportunity to form new partnerships and to enhance existing ones was key in attracting her to PMAC. “Just as supply chains are about building networks, so too do associations need to collaborate in order to offer more value today,” she said.
Active in sector council management since 1996, Paradowski has held various positions including president of the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation and chair of The Alliance of Sector Councils.
Paradowski takes over at PMAC following the retirement of Bob Dye, who helmed the association for six years and oversaw the expansion of the field of practice from purchasing to strategic supply chain management, the renewal of training and accreditation programs, and the launch of the new Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation.

Take Part in Online Consultation on Immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) invites participation in its online consultation on immigration levels. This process offers an opportunity to explore current and future issues related to immigration levels, and will inform the department's levels-planning exercise for 2011.
The background document Immigration Levels Planning: Balancing Priorities to Meet Canada’s Immigration Objectives is intended to assist you in responding to the questions. This document sets out the purpose of the consultation process and provides an overview of levels-planning considerations. A thematic report of stakeholder input will be prepared once the consultation process has ended. The summary will be available on the CIC website.
The online consultation is available until August 31 at 5:00 pm EST. 

The Semantics of Collaborating

By Chris Irwin, MBA

What kind of person are you: Competitive? Big-picture thinker? Assertive? Conciliator? Other?

Such tags tend to promise clarity, but bring in a bundle of behaviours and attitudes that may or may not relate. When these words find themselves describing quadrants or supporting wider groupings on a personality test, you almost need a glossary to explain the context (and the particular bundle).

I run into this with my working descriptions for negotiation strategies.

Dry, yet important, note on theory:
The model depicts four strategic options to approach a negotiation based on the importance of [outcome/relationship]. The four are: avoid [lo/lo], accommodate [lo/hi], compete [hi/lo], and collaborate [hi/hi]. The thinking is that these are strategic choices, not personal preferences or characteristics.

A couple of semantic challenges are:
  1. Even if you are not “a competitive person,” you can still pick a strategy of “competing” in a certain situation;
  2. It can make strategic business sense to “accommodate” the needs of others and you don’t have to be weak-kneed to do it;
  3. Collaborating with a party does not mean agreeing with them all the time, and you don’t have to be “nice” to do it.

I will suggest that collaboration is a default for supply chain initiatives, given that the relationships (internal and external) have to be maintained over a period of time and that, in today’s competitive (semantics again!) environment, there is no room for compromising the returns on time and dollars spent.

So do you have to collaborate all the time on everything? Not at all.

Before giving you the model, let me give you this:

Glossary of Terms
Information: Results, data, examples and findings that may help in determining a superior course of action.
Expertise: Orientation, experience and training that enable one to see relevant implications of a decision prior to its implementation.
Authority: Structural or informal power to direct the actions of others, coupled with accountability for the consequences of a decision.

If you have all three, there is no need to collaborate. Why would you? You have all the information you need, you know what is important for the decision, and your sphere of responsibility allows you to “make the call.”

This doesn’t mean that you have to be obvious about “going it alone,” but engaging others would be strictly for relationship-building. You will decide if this is worth the effort.

Tune in next month for an elaboration on what to do when you have “two out of three” (which “ain’t bad,” according to Meatloaf).

Chris Irwin helps organizations to better align by clarifying priorities and developing skills for people to discuss, rather than debate, and collaborate, rather than compete. He is on faculty at the Schulich School of Business, and in Humber’s Supply Chain program. He also teaches in PMAC’s Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program. He can be reached through his website (Micro Organizational Behaviour).


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Quick Survey for Startup Supply Chain Business
Forensberg Group is a new multi-offering, business-to-business consultancy that will specialize in supply chain process improvement and offer consulting and project-management, training and interim-management services. Planning to launch the business in the fall of this year, owner Yvonne Ewing hopes to further her understanding of potential clients' needs through a brief, anonymous survey. Her target clients are medium-sized manufacturers, importers and exporters, warehousing-service providers, distributors and third-party logistics companies.
If you can help, click here to access the survey.

Coming Events

Events in the Spotlight

At its 12th-annual Canadian Public Procurement Forum, the CPPC will focus on leadership in public procurement. Highlights of the event include:
  • The Hon. Stockwell Day, President of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, will open the Forum.
  • Two all-day, pre-Forum seminars, on Sunday, October 3, will give delegates time to take a deep look into a topic of relevance to the day-to-day challenges of public procurement. Paul Emanuelli will provide a legal review of case law from the past year, and Darin Mathews will present an NIGP for-credit course on world-class procurements and lessons learned.
  • Leadership keynotes: A plenary session on leadership will be part of each day's agenda, linking to the Forum theme of “Leadership and Ethics.” Speakers Jody Urquhart (humorist), Gilles Paquet (University of Ottawa) and Chief Dan George (B.C.) will bring very different perspectives to this age-old challenge.
  • Sector group discussions: At the end of days one and two, delegates will be able to meet for an hour with their sector colleagues from across Canada to discuss common challenges or issues raised in presentations from the day’s agenda.
  • Extreme Procurement: In this takeoff on the popular TV series, the professionals involved in three procurement projects of ‘epic’ proportions will present them to delegates, one each day.
A preliminary program for the event is now online.
October 18 and 19 – Calgary, Alta.
Expert speakers at this conference will explore best practices and share successful strategies to control costs, deliver on deadline and improve efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.
Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the CSCSC, will lend his expertise to a session on Monday, October 18th entitled "Forecasting Demand: Market Conditions for Materials and Labour Affecting your Supply Chain Strategy."
CSCSC members save 15%*!  For more information, call 1-877-927-7936 or get information online. Be sure to mention the CSCSC member discount and priority service code 201BX03 when you register.
*Discount applicable to fee at time of registration.
At this full-day conference, being held at the Palais Royale in Toronto, Business Takes Action (a project of CME Ontario that showcases the benefits of hiring and retaining people with disabilities) will look at the financial and human costs of workplace mental-health issues.
The conference will feature best-practice presentations, legal updates and knowledge-sharing sessions. Speakers will include Margaret Trudeau, with a keynote presentation about the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. Stand Up for Mental Health Comedians will provide entertainment.

Other Events
Nulogx, in partnership with Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada, Transportation Planning for 2011 in Uncertain Times, September 14, Mississauga, Ont.
Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, Business Continuity Workshop, September 15, Montreal, Que.
IE Canada (Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters), ACI Highway eManifest Preparation & Compliance Workshop
September 16: Moncton
September 22: Montreal
September 23: Toronto
September 27: Winnipeg
September 30: Calgary
Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, IATA Dangerous Goods Training
Montreal (English)
: September 14 to 16
Recurrent: September 15 and 16
Radioactive: September 16
Montreal (French)
: September 21 to 23
Recurrent: September 22 and 23
Radioactive: September 23
Initial: September 21 to 23
Recurrent: September 22 and 23
Radioactive: September 23
Initial: November 17 to 19
Recurrent: November 18 and 19
Radioactive: November 19
Initial: November 22 to 24
Recurrent: November 23 and 24
Radioactive: November 24
Initial: December 7 to 9
Recurrent: December 8 and 9
Radioactive: December 9
Purchasing Management Association of Canada, Eighth Annual International Symposium on Supply Chain Management, September 26 to 28, Toronto, Ont.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, 2010 Annual Global Conference, September 26 to 29, Chicago, Illinois
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – Ontario, Global Business Exchange, September 30, Toronto, Ont.
IE Canada (Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters), Customs Duty and International Trade Course
October 4 to 6
Vancouver, B.C.
November 15 to 17
Toronto, Ont.

APICS The Association for Operations Management, 2010 International Conference & Expo: Excellence in the New Normal, October 18 to 20, Las Vegas, Nevada
International Warehouse Logistics Association – Canadian Council, Annual Fall Conference: Innovation, October 20, Toronto, Ont.

Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, Business Continuity Workshop, October 20, Toronto, Ont.

Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, Beyond 2010: The Future of SCM, October 22 and 23, Toronto, Ont.
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