Completed in 2009

In the sector study completed in 2005, stakeholders identified the need to collect and monitor LMI as a high-priority action item. As a first follow-up step, the CSCSC completed a phase I LMI project in 2007 to gather input from the sector about the types of LMI that were most required. Two further LMI-related projects resulted: a phase II project, through which LMI tools were developed for use by stakeholders, and the LMI-update and NOC-awareness project through which labour-market data was updated and a model was created for future updating of that data.

The 2005 study used data from the 2001 Canadian Census and a ratio, developed by Industry Canada, applied to an aggregate of the total labour market for the 26 NOC (National Occupational Classification) codes considered to comprise the sector. Through its LMI-update project, led by RDA Global, the CSCSC defined the ratio used in the sector study and can now apply it to annual Labour Force Survey data to establish always-current statistics for the sector.

The new LMI-update process will enable an understanding of trends, overall and by occupation, on a national, regional or local level, and provide an accurate baseline in terms of labour supply that firms and educators can use for forecasting purposes. On a larger scale, the data can also be used in addressing issues related to inter-provincial mobility and labour-market transitions, for example.


NOC-Awareness Workshops
A second component of this project was aimed at boosting the use of NOC codes by the sector's employers in their HR-management activities. Three information sessions were held across Canada in March 2009. Workshop participants in Moncton, Calgary and Toronto learned:

  • to effectively use NOC-based information to develop efficient processes for recruiting qualified workers to positions
  • to use NOC information to set hiring ranges, occupational pay scales, and write job descriptions and performance requirements
  • to use NOC information to identify areas for skills development and training for each position and establish performance-evaluation measures.

Outline of NOC-Awareness Workshops
NOC-Awareness Workshop Presentation