The Supply Chain Career-Awareness Package

Participating in a career fair? Print and take some or all of these documents, depending on the audience you expect to address.


For high-school students or job-seekers who may not know about supply chains:

For post-secondary students in supply chain programs:

If you'll have access to a computer at the event, consider showing these videos and sites:
Planning a supply chain career fair or career day in your community? This process information will make your job easier




To receive a copy or copies of any of the following brochures, contact Most of these brochures are available in French, as well as English. To access French copies, contact


Discover the Supply Chain: Introduces supply chain careers to students and job-seekers

Connector – A Skills-Matching Tool
: Outlines the uses and products of the Connector tool

National Occupational Standards for the Supply Chain: Informs about the use of the Council's supply chain occupational standards by employers, employees and learning providers

National Accreditation Program for Supply Chain Educational Offerings: Provides information about the recognition program for education and training courses and programs that meet the Council's Standards for Accreditation

An LMI Toolkit for the Supply Chain Sector: Gives an overview of resources available in the Council's LMI Toolkit

Virtual Human Resources Department for Small and Medium-sized Supply Chain Companies: Describes the downloadable tools of the Council's VHRD

Case Study

New Tires – An outline of the occupations and skills involved in the installation of four new tires