Educational institutions, training providers and associations may submit information about their supply chain-related offerings to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council for two purposes:

  1. to be included in the CSCSC’s online education and training compendium, and/or
  2. to be reviewed through the National Accreditation Program.

For either purpose, the provider must complete the registration form provided below in order to have access to the database.

1. Education and Training Compendium

The CSCSC’s education and training compendium provides information about supply chain-related courses and programs offered across Canada. The compendium is maintained by providers. By registering as a provider, you can edit, update or delete existing listings or add new ones. Allowing direct access also ensures the provider is able to control the accuracy of the information contained within, thus creating an ideal marketing opportunity. Listings in the compendium are free.

2. National Accreditation Program

Applications submitted for review through the NAP are assessed four times a year by the CSCSC’s Accreditation Review Panel. Applications received on or before each of the dates noted below will be reviewed, and applicants will be notified of accreditation decisions, within the following 60 days.

Submission Deadlines

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1

Applicant submission process includes:

  • Creating an entry in the Compendium for the course(s) / program(s) you intend to submit to the NAP (see step 1 above)
  • Entering and saving responses in the online NAP application, per National Accreditation Standards requirements
  • Reviewing your responses and attaching supporting evidence or documents, as applicable
  • Officially confirming the application within the online tool to submit for CSCSC review

Upon receipt of the application, the CSCSC will issue an invoice for the accreditation review based on the following fees:

  • Single course: $100

  • Full program: $750

Where accreditation is not granted, the CSCSC will notify the applicant and provide a ‘Recommended Areas for Improvement Report’ summarizing the areas requiring improvement and offering guidance on how to address deficiencies. Any course or program that does not meet the NAP standard upon first application can be revised and resubmitted for review at no charge, so long as it is received within 2 (two) application deadlines of receiving the accreditation decision notification.

Maintenance and Renewal

The CSCSC accredits courses and programs as they are presented in the application. Changes to an accredited course or program could nullify the accreditation, and so must be reviewed by the Accreditation Review Panel to ensure continued compliance with the CSCSC’s Standards for Accreditation. Please notify the CSCSC if changes necessitate a reassessment of your accredited offering.

If the CSCSC revises its National Occupational Standards, upon which accreditations are based, it will notify education providers with relevant accredited courses and programs. Providers may be required, as a result, to change their offerings in order to maintain their accreditations. In such a situation, revisions must be made within six months of notification to avoid invalidation of accreditation. All of the CSCSC’s National Occupational Standards can be seen on its website, at

Accreditations are granted for three years. To avoid expiration, providers must apply for accreditation renewal at least one application deadline prior to expiry.

Providers of accredited courses and programs must comply with the CSCSC NAP Policies and Procedures. Failure to do so will result in a withdrawal of the accreditation.

Use of CSCSC Accreditation Logo
The CSCSC encourages the use by providers of accredited offerings of its accreditation logo in communications and promotions related to accredited offerings, as long as the communications are in compliance with the CSCSC NAP Policies and Procedures. To obtain a copy of the logo for either a print or website application, contact Beverly Myers, at

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