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In manufacturing, assembly, processing and other industrial environments, health and safety is an absolutely critical element of creating a workplace that can attract and retain skilled and productive employees. Additionally, occupational health and safety is a highly regulated area, with significant and strong legislation at both the federal and provincial levels. Failure to comply with regulations and health and safety principles can be very costly, both from a penalty and fine perspective and through accidents, injuries and workplace-related illnesses.

While ultimate responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment rests with the company, individual managers, supervisors and employees also have accountability. As with many other areas described on this website, this is an area where failure to comply with policy and regulations should result in performance-management and/or disciplinary action. This is also an area where positive reinforcement and influence can pay significant dividends.

Through the implementation of a safety awards program, you can encourage all employees to be more aware of their surroundings and of their practices related to health and safety. Many companies post their ‘hours without a lost-time injury’ in a prominent place as a symbol of their ‘safe’ workplace. By recognizing and rewarding those managers, supervisors and employees who demonstrate great diligence and leadership in the area of workplace safety, the company again reinforces its importance.