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In order to fill a vacant position, you must have individuals who are interested in the job. There are very few jobs that would be of no interest to anyone. The objective is to interest the most skilled, qualified and appropriate people and motivate them to apply for work with your organization. 

There are features and benefits associated with being an employee in your organization. Knowing these and using them to motivate qualified individuals to apply for employment with your organization is the key to successful recruitment. 
It is important to understand that money alone will not motivate the type of individuals you want to be hiring. Elements such as the working environment, training and development opportunities, and career growth or promotion potential are considered very important by high-potential and highly skilled candidates. Salary or wages must be competitive, but you must be able to demonstrate how your organization values, rewards, recognizes and develops employees if you are to be successful in recruiting the best available talent.
There are many potential sources of candidates, for both specific positions and a pool of qualified candidates to possibly fill future positions as they become available. The most common sources include:

It is important to note that these are places where other companies who hire similarly skilled employees are also promoting their openings. This is why your posting needs to be more interesting than just a list of job duties. 
In addition, you may want to explore and use more non-traditional sources to try to connect with talented candidates that other firms may not be reaching, including:

Successful recruitment methods are not simply measured by the number of résumés received, since reviewing large volumes of unqualified résumés only adds to your recruitment costs. The goal is to create as large a pool as possible of qualified applicants. You should track the success of each recruitment method used at attracting qualified candidates so that you can fine tune your methods, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

Of course, when recruiting, it is essential that your practices, ads and postings comply with human rights and other applicable legislation and do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been received.
Links to various government websites where further information on federal and provincial standards and regulations can be found on the Resources and Links page of this website.

Depending on the demographics of the community where you operate, you may find it desirable to target specific groups of people as part of your recruitment effort. It is important that targeted recruitment efforts are not implemented in a way that they discriminate against potential candidates who are not part of that group. In the box at right, you will find four guides called Leveraging the Labour Force that will assist you in making your employment opportunities more attractive to specific segments of the labour force.

One of the most effective recruitment methods, employee referrals, is often given little attention. Current employees know what it takes to succeed in their workplace and what type of person would fit in and complement the team. In the box at right, you will find further information about employee referral award programs and a template that you can use to implement a program in your organization.