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For most organizations, employees have the single greatest impact on customer service and significantly affect quality and profitability. Attracting, selecting and retaining employees with the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge to contribute to the success of the organization at the highest possible level is critical.
The make-up of the Canadian labour force is changing and will continue to do so over the coming years. Unlike many years ago, a ready supply of workers with direct industry experience or who possess similar enough experience to enable an easy transition into the jobs you are hiring them for may no longer be available.
This means that most new employees require an increased level of training and orientation when they are hired compared to employees hired in previous years. While many skills and competencies can be trained, it is critical that new employees have the basic attributes, abilities and intelligence to be able to learn what you need them to in order for them to develop into productive and valuable employees.
The term Recruitment is often used as a general term to describe the process of hiring new employees. In fact, there are two distinct, but closely related pieces that make up the hiring process: Recruitment and Selection.
Recruitment can be defined as the process of finding and attracting appropriate individuals to apply for a position with your organization. The process begins when candidates are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which the employer can select. While there may be times where you are actively recruiting for specific positions, your organization should always be on the lookout for talent. You should also always be conscious of the image that your organization projects to the labour market about how it values, recognizes and rewards employees. Your employment brand is critical for you to be able to interest potential employees in applying for work with your organization. 
Selection is the process used to decide which applicants should be hired. The process begins when individuals apply for a position and ends with the hiring decision. Within this process, the requirements of the position and organization are compared to the skills, abilities and potential of the applicants in order to identify the best fit.   
This section will provide you information and tools to ensure your recruitment and selection programs are effective.