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Shift Premiums

Many organizations that require employees to work on afternoon or overnight/midnight shifts, whether permanently, on a rotating basis or under special circumstances, offer additional wages for hours worked on those shifts.

Typically, the premium for overnight/midnight shifts is higher than that for an afternoon shift. Weekend hours are also often eligible for a shift premium if the hours of work do not qualify for overtime pay, either by provincial employment standards or company policy. If overtime is being paid, shift premiums are generally not used for weekend work.

Bilingualism Premiums

Many organizations require employees to be bilingual in order to service and support their clients and customers. In Canada, the term bilingual usually refers to English/French. As the Canadian population changes through immigration and Canadian companies sell products and services on a global basis, language skill requirements are now extending beyond our two official languages.

Finding employees who speak multiple languages fluently can be a challenge for many companies, depending on where they are located. In order to attract and retain people with necessary language skills, some organizations offer a bilingualism premium. This usually takes the form of an amount added to the base salary or hourly wage that the employee would be offered for the same job without the language skill requirements.