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In this section of the Virtual HR Department, you will find a collection of policy templates that can be downloaded and used within your organization. The policies are generic, and can be amended and enhanced to be more applicable to your requirements if need be. Many of the templates include information that is in brackets and highlighted in red. These areas are for you to edit, based on the options and elements that you wish to include in your policies. When doing any editing, ensure that you are not creating a policy that does not comply with applicable legislation in your province. Links to various federal and provincial legislation can be found in the Resources and Links section of this website.
It is important that your organization have policies in place, so that your employees understand the expectations that the company has of them and to protect the organization in the case of inappropriate or unacceptable conduct, behaviour or performance by an employee. Smaller organizations often do not have extensive policy manuals, but it is recommended that a basic set of policies be put in place.