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Every employee should be positively contributing to the company’s objectives. Ensuring that employees are performing to the best of their ability is a key responsibility for supervisors and managers. It is critical for managers and employees to communicate clearly and regularly in order to understand the expectations, responsibilities and performance targets of the employees and of the company.

Performance standards for each job should be established and fully understood by the employee performing the job. Standards may be based on one or a combination of elements, including quality, accuracy, speed or completed units within a specific time frame. A company policy dealing with employee performance should be well known by all employees. When employees are hired and are given performance appraisals, policies should be reviewed and employees should be required to sign-off on their understanding and acceptance of the policies.

By having a policy relating to performance standards, it allows the company to more effectively address poor employee performance, and better supports, justifies and, if necessary, legally defends decisions to take remedial and/or disciplinary actions or ultimately to terminate employees whose performance does not meet acceptable levels or standards. Documenting good performance and recognizing those employees who consistently meet and exceed performance standards also serves as a strong motivator for them to continue excellent performance.

It is very important that the standards you set for various jobs are reasonable, realistic and attainable for employees. If you attempt to implement standards that are unreasonable, it will likely have a significantly negative impact on employee morale and performance, essentially backfiring from the purpose of increasing performance. Unrealistic standards will also leave any documentation of poor performance suspect and of limited or no legal value.

In this section, you will find templates to help implement a process for managers and employees to ensure that employee performance is meeting minimum standards.