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Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between managers and employees that supports the achievement of strategic objectives within the organization. A performance appraisal is a structured and formal feedback process between individual employees and their employer. 

On an individual level, performance appraisals can:

On an organizational level, performance appraisals can:

Performance appraisals are also important for staff motivation, communicating organizational goals, and fostering positive relationships between management and staff. Without effective performance appraisals, promotions, transfers and other employee-related decisions become subject to trial and error. They make explicit what constitutes effective and efficient employee behaviour critical to achieving strategic goals.

Unless you communicate where and how employees are performing well and where they need to improve, they will not be able to improve their performance. A formal performance-appraisal process is required for many quality-standards certifications and awards. It is also of significant assistance in the event of a legal or other third-party challenge to an employee termination, where documentation of poor performance is critical.

In the box at right on this page, you will find a policy template that you can use to implement a regular performance-appraisal process. Also included is a performance-appraisal form with a user’s guide that will assist managers to complete the form effectively, a guide to developing SMART objectives, and a guide to conducting a performance-appraisal meeting. If you are looking for assistance and information on dealing with a poor performing employee outside of the annual performance-appraisal process, please see the Addressing Poor Performance section of this website.