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A popular recognition tool with many organizations is an Employee-of-the-Month program. The aim of the program is to recognize an employee who has made a significant contribution during the specific month.
Structuring the qualifying criteria of programs such as this is important, as the last thing you want to happen is have the program become an irritant to employees or be viewed as political or full of favouritism because of how it is awarded.
While it is possible that you will have one superstar employee who you would likely want to give the award to every month, if the program is to be a true recognition tool, you need to resist that urge and ensure that you award it for notable contributions, not just to the employee you feel is simply the best performer.
For example, while one sales rep may consistently have the highest sales and be an obvious leading candidate, it is important to recognize other reps who may have sold the most of a new product, opened the most new accounts or finally cracked an account that was a long-time target. 
It is also important to ensure that all employees are properly considered for the award. If awards are given to office employees or the sales team every month and employees on the shop floor are never included, the program will lose its impact and influence on other employee groups and potentially even have a negative impact.