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Understandably, most recognition programs are based on things that employees do in the performance of their job. Many companies cite as organizational priorities employee work/life balance, corporate responsibility and community involvement.
The implementation of a program that encourages and recognizes employee involvement and volunteerism with local not-for-profit and charitable organizations is a fantastic way to combine employee reward and work/life balance with corporate responsibility and community involvement. 
Through providing flexible scheduling and/or paid days off to allow employees the opportunity to contribute to organizations that are important to them, their commitment and effort is recognized by their employer. The result is that more employees will be able to make a positive contribution to local events, they'll feel very satisfied that their employer allows them to do it and it will increase the recognition of the company as a good corporate citizen.
Another way to do this is by implementing a donations program through which the company allocates its charitable-donations budget based on requests by employees to financially support not-for-profit and charitable organizations that they support through donation and volunteerism. By allowing them to present the donation on behalf of the company, they receive the positive reinforcement of what they are doing from their employer and additional recognition from the recipient for arranging the donation.