CSCSC's Labour Market Data for the Canadian Supply Chain

This site provides searchable employment data based on National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes specific to the supply chain sector. Data can be accessed by occupation, geographic region and industry. The tool provides projections for five years, along with a three-year historical picture of employment in the supply chain in Canada.

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Canadian LMI Sites

National Sites

  • Government of Canada (HRSDC) Labour Market Information – Operated by HRSDC, this site provides links to provincial and local LMI.
  • Statistics Canada – A wide variety of labour information, including employment, hours of work, industries, labour mobility, occupations, wages, job training and educational attainment.
  • The National Occupational Classification (NOC) Website – Detailed information on job descriptions and classifications using a formal structure. The results of a search include typical responsibilities and required skills and training.
  • Job Bank – Provided by the Government of Canada, Job Bank offers job postings from across Canada and a link to Career Navigator, a tool that helps job seekers understand their work preferences and provides recommended occupations.
  • Canadian Industry Statistics – Provided by Industry Canada, this site allows users to search for information based on NAICS codes. Information includes productivity, wages and more.
  • The HR for Employers Portal – This Service Canada website includes information on such topics as recruitment, retention, HR planning, training, payroll and benefits.

Provincial Sites

International LMI Sites